Friday, June 18, 2010

To List or Not To List That is the Question

This is Chip, those of you with small children may have recognized him. He's my mascot for this article. So why a mascot named Chip you ask?

Many times a seller will abandon listing an item because of damage. I'm here to tell ya - don't!
Well under the following circumstances that is.

1. What is the value of the piece without damage? If it is something that typically brings $40+ then by all means list it, I personally like a $9.95 starting bid, you'd be amazed where some of the pieces ending! If it a low selling item then I would probably redonate it back to the thrift store or if too bad just toss it. But remember one man's trash is another's treasure.

2. Value unknown? Can't find one like it? List it with a reasonable starting bid and see where it goes, again you may be pleasantly surprised. I just had a personal experience I can share with you. I picked up an interesting wall pocket at a local thrift store, It had a name and a date on the back so I thought what the heck. Research revealed very little about it, but did verify it was an artist who had been mentioned on Google at least once. it just so happened EBay was having their listing special so I started it at $79.95, something I wouldn't normally be prone to do. It received the opening bid almost immediately - ultimately it sold for $192!

In the above example this piece had a crack. I did not let this deter me, and what is important is that you take a close up photo and reveal to your potential customers the damage as best you can with complete honesty.

I can also tell you, as a collector of Early American Pressed Glass, I shop for pieces and overlook damage because I can't yet afford the mint condition pieces. I know many people who also do this, the items still display nicely and have some value - albeit not the same as with no damage but it is still nice to own them.


Karen Wilson Wehrle said...

Excellent points. I'm like you. I point out the damage and things sell anyway because they're old and special and way better than nothing to the right collector. My husband shops eBay for collectible books that need some work, partly to save money, partly to have the thing and partly for the joy he gets out of making an old book look spiffy again.

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Yup! You and Karen are correct. I point out the damage, and let it fly. If nothing else I get back the amount I spent for it (cause I start them as low as $4.95 sometimes) and they are gone.

Some things are just too hard to find to hold out for perfect.
Depression Glass Warehouse

kdmoretti said...

I am one of the guilty ones who used to just "toss" it if t was broken. But since selling several items that were less than perfect I`ve learned my lesson.. Of course the Value is lower but at least I`ve gotten something for it where before the Trash Man would`ve gotten it..