Friday, June 11, 2010

What's In a Name? Or Why Udderlygoodstuff

I meant to go to this post after talking about my aunt and got a bit sidetracked, so forgive me as I backtrack! While my aunt was a huge influence on my love of antiques and collectibles, she must have gotten it from somewhere! My grandmother, we called her Mimi, was the one who started it all.

Growing up I remember going to Mimi's house, she was usually in the kitchen cooking something yummy and her counters were filled with cookies, candy and all sorts of good things! Most of my most loved memories are in that house, it's where family all came together, where I felt nurtured, loved and safe.

Mimi had two main collections, Hummel figurines and cows. I learned a tremendous amount about Hummels growing up. Mimi had two large curio cabinets and several shelves full of Hummels. I guess she is the reason I can't collect just one or two of something I need every single one ever made! LOL! I'll go into Hummels more in another post - this one is about the name right? Oh what's that? You read Mimi's other collection was cows? Yep!

So now we aren't talking just a few cows around the house, we are talking cow everything! It was what you gave Mimi for birthdays and Christmas, everyone gave her cows! She had figurines of course, but also towels, pillows, hot pads, cookie jars, rugs, aprons, trinkets and gadgets and anything with a cow! Don't ask me how this came about, I don't remember a time she didn't have the cows!

As an adult I went through a spurt in my life where I raised and showed dairy goats, Nubians to be exact. This was about the same time I discovered ebay. Well at first my ebay id was my email address back when that was the thing to do! but when Ebay did away with this I had to come up with something clever and memorable. So it seemed only fitting that it would be something to do with udders, both to honor my favorite grandmother AND to go with what my life was all about... so Udderlygoodstuff is what happened!

While I no longer have the goats and Mimi is in a much better place, I still have the name and the good memories and the Good Stuff!


kdmoretti said...

I`m always fascinated to find out how people "pick" their ebay ID`s
Mine is not that inventive actually but its something NO ONE else would have chosen..
Nice post Danni :>)

Sushiboofay said...

Great story! I like to know how people come up with their "alternate identities" too!


Kat Simpson said...

Great story to know about my friend Danni and besides, that name makes a great tie in the the Annual 'Bling y Bra' campaign!