Friday, June 27, 2008

Time For a Rachel Update Too!

Well since I did a post with Noah I figure I better update you on Rachel also! She is unstoppable now! She runs and it's amazing to me how quickly they go from barely standing up to taking a few wobbly steps to full on boogying across the room!

Rachel is usually happy and wears a smile!

It's getting hard to take her picture when she knows I'm trying!

Clapping and marching!

This is at gramma's house - that's a big stuffed animal that Rachel just adores!

And what happens after all that running and playing? Elmo becomes a pillow!

Think I'm Starting Him Too Young?

So I have these huge dough bowls I need to get pictures of so I can list them on Ebay - dilemma...hmmmm... then it occurs to me I have this three year old with nothing but energy and willingness! So out we go!

As you can see he takes his work very seriously!

He simply could not resist looking at the camera and had to peek around every shot!

This bowl was huge and heavy I was surprised how well he did holding it up! I'm so proud of my little man!

As a reward afterwards he got to sit in the bowl, notice he is only sitting in the middle and there is still half a bowl behind him! These things are huge!

I'm so happy this worked out as I want my little helper to be able to work with me as much as he can! Be on the lookout for more great stuff from my newest model!