Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Have I Been? And LIfe Moves Fast!

Wow I was doing so good at getting these blog posts written, but life got in the way once again. Happy to say things are starting to normalize again, whatever that may mean. I have one of those sort of crazy families where I had two daughters at an early age then decided to do it all again in my later years, so my kids are 3, 5, 18 and 26. Well the 18 yr old was living with me and recently got a wild hair and decided to move back to her friends in southern California, so I was sitting here with a breaking heart. I got her all moved and am slowly adjusting to not having her crabby little teenage self around on a daily basis.

As if that wasn't enough turmoil, my little guy, Noah, has been having major anxiety over the whole thing. He has not wanted to go to school, not eating well, so devoting lots of mommy time to him lately. Oh yes and on top of it all he got a bad ear infection and perforated his ear drum while his little sister, Rachel decided on strep throat! Ahhh the joys of motherhood.

So the thought of the day is this... these babies grow all too fast, move out and leave us the memories, enjoy them while you can, life is too short and too precious and if it means your blog posts don't get written in a timely basis, so be it!

I hope to be back on track now, look for some great tips and tricks for online selling coming soon!