Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Birthday Bash aka We Survived Chuck E Cheese

The big day finally arrived, time to have the birthday party (was delayed a week due to waiting on relatives to come to town). Noah was in rare form and was a handful all morning waiting to leave for Chuck E Cheese. We arrived to a very crowded Chuck E's and Noah was excited as you can see from his photo above.

Noah got in some good play time, including driving this really cool monster truck!

Then it was onto pizza eatin' time!

And along came Chuck E himself!

But Noah was scared to death! He finally agreed to do the Congo line and dance with Chuck E as long as he kept his distance!

So after all that excitement Noah blew the candle out on his special train cake made by Gramma and he and Rachel dug in to a chocolate lover's dream!

Then it was time for PRESENTS!! Noah got lots of Moonsand and clay to play with, those are his favorite things next to cars, trucks and trains (and he has plenty of those!)

Here's a pic with Sissy Jordan

And these pics were taken before the party when outfits were still clean! Just thought I'd throw them in cuz their cute!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My LIttle Man is Three!!

I just can't believe it! 3 years has passed since my miracle boy was born. Noah really was a miracle, after several miscarriages and then years of infertility hubby and I had given up on having a baby together. It was one of the hardest times of
my life, I never dreamed I would be denied the privilege of having another child, thought it was just something you could do when you wanted! But boy have I learned, children truly are blessings and should not be taken for granted for the miracles they are.

So after giving up and realizing maybe we were just meant to be grandparents (oldest daughter had a baby) I became pregnant, but didn't let myself get excited until I passed the 26 week point when I knew he was viable! Born at 38 weeks in a rocky delivery here was Noah, he would change our lives forever.

There was always something different about Noah, I was always told, "oh boys are different that's all" even the pediatrician told us not to worry about his delayed development because he was "a big baby". When Rachel came along I truly believe she is here to help Noah, and to show everyone what we were talking about. So just recently Noah has been diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), this means there is a disconnect between his brain and his body in getting feelings and motions in to perspective. That's as simple as I can describe it. Noah has trouble with apraxia (large muscle motor skills) and he requires lots of stimulation in the way of swinging and sliding and jumping. He is also still being assessed for Asperger's Syndrome, which is a high functioning autism.

Noah is a joy let me say that first and foremost! Sometimes when you place labels on a child it seems they become something awkward or bad but rest assured we love his unique personality and even his high maintenance! God knew the right family to bring him to because we so appreciate every minute with him and have structured our lives to be home with him all the time.

So although life is a whirlwind of occupational therapy and physical therapy and assessments, we still love every minute of being with our little man!

Rachel thinks he's pretty special too!