Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wow How the years go by the older I get!

So not only do I have another birthday whiz by but a new year has begun. I always feel a profound sadness, sad at reflecting back at things that happened or didn't happen, and sadness of all the things I set out to do that didn't get done. Now that I sit here and read what I have typed that's a pretty bad attitude huh? So to get myself out of the douldroms (hmmm did I spell that right?) I am going to list all the good things of 2007!
The most noteworthy even would be the birth of Rachel Lynn Ackerman. She was born April 14th around noontime by emergency c-section. Weighing only 6 pounds 13 oz at birth.

Here she is just 3 days old.

She has grown by leaps and bounds and is now as I write this a thriving at a healthy 21 pounds! She took her first crawling "steps" today!

Ok so that's a pretty darn joyous thing! And then Noah, little Noah turned 2 this year and boy is he 2!! He adores his sister which I am so thankful for, but he has to be watched every minute as he is a bit mischievious (don't know where he got that!)

So to say the two babies have brought immense joy is an understatement. I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have been blessed not once but twice in my "older years".

Ok Christmas was fun. I had a housefull with my oldest daughter, Jennifer here, as well as Jordan. My mom and younger brother were also here for Christmas Eve celebrating.

That's us toasting our candy raisins!

This is mom, one of Noah's most favorite people!OK so this turned into a family photo blog! LOL! I do feel better now.

Ebay was good to me this year. Since hubby went jobless in February it was a little scarey, but we've managed to hang in there and get the bills paid. Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Another cool thing in 2007 was finding and moving into our new home, an amazing house with my gourmet kitchen, huge garden tub and a 3 car garage! An ebayer's dream! I got a new computer for Christmas from Santa, but Santa has to still move all my software over :-)

Well thank you Jacki for kick starting me into getting my first post of the year done. Yes Jacki likes everyone to blog so she too can procrastinate on listing! LOL! But truly, I needed this it's so easy to focus on the bad and the negative and forget how many wonderful things happen in our lives. I have good friends, a good family, good home, good health, and for that I am thankful and prepared to head into 2008!