Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More on Ebay

My buddy Griff at the Vegas party.

Well I am so happy that the rumours going around before ebay's announcement on Monday were for the most part wrong! What kept me from falling into the negativity trap was the fact I had been able to see the people behind the changes as human beings and not some uncaring corporate rule makers who were out to get small sellers.

All in all the changes are as positive as I was told they would be, ebay is listening to what their small sellers need and are trying to please everyone, which remember ain't an easy thing to do!

I must admit I will still worry a bit about DSR scores but will relax more knowing it takes more than 1 or 2 bad apples to spoil things now.

I love the new badge for Top Sellers - I think this is a positive step! And being able to qualify for discounts based on how you conduct business as opposed to dollar amounts... bravo ebay!

The only one I'm not overly enthusiastic about is the insurance. I understand the reason behind it but doesn't mean I have to like it! I went and signed up for a third party insurance called Shipsurance - it is far cheaper than USPS insurance and better since now I can insure those 1st Class International shipments as well. I strongly encourage everyone to get a free quote and look into how it would work for your business!

I hope everyone listens to the Town Hall today at 3:30 pst. Now's the time to ask those questions and give your input!!
Here's more of my ebay friends!

Chris "The Golden Pineapple", me "Udderlygoodstuff", Dan "the Man" peeking through, and of course Postie "AuctionWizard".
Kat "KatsKloset" Simpson, amazing she stood still for a photo! LOL!

Jason "Tikipugmusic", the tourguide of all tour guides for Vegas!

Friday, July 17, 2009

What I Learned About Ebay in Vegas

That's right you heard me! I recently attended the Ebay Radio party in Vegas and I promised my dear friend Melinda ( ) I would blog about it!

Brian Burke and Melinda Jackson

I must tell you first off, I have been very upset by all the changes ebay has made this year. My one goal in going to this party was to give some ebay execs a piece of my mind! Well what I came away with was better than anything I could have hoped for! After the live townhall meeting Melinda dragged me to the meetup bar at the Rio where we sat and talked with Brian Burke, Steve Corral, Mark Dooley and Usher Lieberman. I had to pinch myself that I was getting this opportunity. But wait it gets better!

From left to right - Me, Brian Burke, Mark Dooley, Scott Corral, ???, Usher Lieberman and Melinda Jackson.

Somehow we all ended up in a cab heading over to the Venetian Hotel and Casino to Emeril's restaurant called Delmanico's Steakhouse. We all sat at a table in the back, Melinda and I were the only "outsiders", but the chance to talk, really talk to ebay execs was completely enlightening and changed my attitude quite a bit! Brian Burke and Mark Dooley were especially interested in my experience and feelings about all the ebay changes. They do care about us "small" sellers. I am over all my bitterness and motivated more than ever to make my business grow. There are real human beings behind the scenes at ebay and they do care!

From left to right... Usher Lieberman, ???, Brian Burke, Melinda Jackson, Scott Corral, Mark Dooley and Me!

I will share more soon... but I promised I would start this blog by TODAY!
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