Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thoughts From a Chair

I feel like I have spent more time in the dentist chair in the last month than anywhere else! Ugh! Nothing like moving to a new place, knowing no one and boom having you jaw swell up like a cantaloupe! I ran for the yellow pages....uhhhhh errrrr..... Google search and found a local dentist, went in, got some xrays to find I had a severe abscess in my lower left molar... great.

They sent me off to a specialist, an endodontist, I guess that means someone more professionally trained in torture? Xrays showed I not only needed 1 root canal redone, but the tooth behind it was bad also - so 2 root canals now doesn't that sound fun?

Well first they needed to get the swelling down so had a nice round of two different antibiotics. It took a full week to start feeling and looking normal again. I went in for my dreaded appointment, it was two hours of drilling, drooling and suction and I came out thinking the worst was over.... wrong!

The next morning I swelled back up again, oh yes find out this is common as they stirred up the bacteria - so onto the antibiotics again, just when I was getting my gut back to normal from the last time! This time I was in much worse pain though from the recent dental surgery, I actually took pain pills, those that know me know I don't take pain pills! So it was bad.

So then I had to go in yet again today and have the temporary medication pulled out and permanent root canal material put in, basically a root canal all over again! I left there numb and being told it would wear off in about an hour, 2 1/2 hours later I can finally feel my cheek again!

So you would think this is the end of it right? Nope I went to a regular dentist yesterday for a full exam to see what else is brewing, turns out I have to get 2 other crowns redone as well as crowns for the two root canals just done, So four crowns at about $1100 each, how special, and I need a few fillings and a good cleaning... there goes my new car!! I'll be sitting in the dentist chair for the next year I guess!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog posting...

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