Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Been One of Those Days!

So I thought I would go get these root canals, be a little sore, then off and running life as usual right? Oh noooooo..... My face is back to be swelled up like a chipmunk storing a winter's worth of nuts!

So I call and get told how oh yeah we probably should have put you on antibiotics, we'll call something in... so back on yucky antibiotics for a week, and hoping they work really fast as to not ruin my weekend with a chipmunk cheek!

So as if that isn't bad enough I go to transfer some funds from one account to another and discover our account got hacked and someone has had a hay day charging up things with our money. Thankfully they weren't smart enough to wait until payday to do this and we didn't have too much in there... but geeze! The bank has frozen the account and we get to dispute all the charges which shouldn't be too terribly painful, but I sure want to catch whoever did this and have them taught a little lesson.

I may have done a major faux pais with a recent thrift shop purchase. I bought a whole big bag full of Polly Pocket toys and dolls, I am watching the kids play with them as we speak. I'm not sure what possessed me to look them up on Ebay but shoot shoot shoot they are big sellers!! How soon do you think a 3 and 5 year old will get tired of Polly Pocket toys? Am I wishful thinking? Evil mom? I mean could you take a toy away from these two?


Kat Simpson said...

They will be on to a new toy tomorrow I bet!

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Ok, I'm going to help you justify taking the PollyPockets away from the Cutiepies.... some of those have been recalled. (the PollyPockets not the cutiepies.)

Little tiny magnet thingees in pieces small enough for Cutiepie people to choke on.

So check the FTC Recall list before trying to sell them but definitely make sure the magnet thingees are gone on the ones you have so you don't have to rush the Cutiepies to the emergency room.

I'm sure THAT would not be fun.